Sluban Red Cliff - Prince's Palace

Sluban Red Cliff set M38-B0263 - Prince's Palace
When I was in Seoul, I found wonderful brick sets by the local toy brand Oxford, especially a classic chinese theme. I would have loved to bring one of these with me back in Paris, but it was a little bit expensive and the box was too big for the plane.

I found on the Internet a chinese brand that copies Oxford sets with a much cheaper price, Sluban. I read some reviews on blogs and apparently the pieces are of good quality. The only problem I see is the legs of minifigures. These ain't Lego-like legs, and I can say that it blocks me a bit.

The Red Cliff theme is inspired by the battle of Red Cliffs in the year 208 that opposed Cao Cao, the first minister of the last emperor of the Han dinasty who wanted to reunite the kingdom to the allied armies of Wu and Shu, under the command of Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang.

Why Prince's Palace set ? Because it's a medium set, not too expensive and because I love the door. I looks like the doors I saw in monuments in Seoul. I just love it !

The famous door !

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