Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dragon Ball Z minifigures by Decool (sets 701 to 706)

Son Gokū, Son Gohan, Yamcha, Kame Sennin, Krilin, Vegeta with accessories

I begin this magnificent blog with the mix of two things that represent my childhood and made me what I am today : Dragon Ball Z and Lego. Actually, it's not really Lego, this is a minifigure set made by a Lego bootleg brand : Decool which is the best Lego bootleg brand I know. They make really good quality minifigures.

Let's fight !!

Now let's talk about the set and the minifigures : it is composed of six of the major characters from the manga Dragon Ball. Super Saiyajin Son Gokū, his son Son Gohan, his rival Vegeta, his sensei Kame Sennin and his mates Yamcha and Krilin. The choice of these characters is very good : we have three Saiyajin warriors, the most important characters in the "Z" part of the manga and three important characters from the beginning of the series who become less and less fundamental as enemies get stronger. Everyone is pleased : fans of the adventure and funniest part of the manga and fans of its action and most violent part.

It's pleasant to notice that minfigures backs are illustrated. Figures are very complete. Kame Sennin has a turtle shell on his back. Decool designers could just print a shell on the torso back but they are meticulous. The shell used here is the same as Raphael wears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego sets.

Son Gokû and Kame Sennin
the only two minifigures with back accessories

The haired characters have reversible faces. The player can choose the expression he wants his minifigure has. It's a very interesting possibility. However, two characters (Yamcha and Son Gohan) have their hair too short on the back so we can see the bottom of the second face.

About Gohan's hair, the plastic used is different from the other character's. It's a mat soft plastic that looks more fragile than shiny hard plastic. Secondly, Gohan's haircut doesn't look like the one he has in the manga.

Gohan's legs are normal legs so the minifigure is as tall as Son Gokū, Yamcha and Vegeta. But in reality, Gohan wears these clothes when he's a kid, so he shouldn't be as tall as adults. Krilin and Kame Sennin are short-legged and so should Gohan be. Maybe I will buy another set to give Gohan the legs he deserves to have.

Son Gokū with Son Gohan as he should be

What about the accessories ? Only one is consistent, Kame Sennin's stick. The other are either understandable or completely absurd. Son Gokū has his nyoi-bō on his back. Well, I'm OK it's Gokū's most typical accessory, but at this time of the manga, he doesn't need it anymore. Can you imagine Super Saiyajin Son Gokū fighting against Freeza or Cell with his stick ? Then we have Gohan and Yamcha with swords. It's the same thing that for Gokū : they once had it, but they don't need it anymore. Yamcha had a sword when he was a desert bandit and Gohan had it when he was trained by Piccolo. But they weren't dressed like this at this time. What about Vegeta's lightsaber ? I think Decool designers wanted to represent his final flash. Not a bad idea in my opinion but it's not very convincing. I finish with Krilin's knives. Seriously, Krilin using knives ? I never saw it in the manga or the TV series. But what is Krilin's typical accessory ? I don't think he has one. Decool people wanted to give each minifigure an accessory. Maybe they could find some trick to represent kienzan. That could be an idea.

Son Gokū, Kame Sennin, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Yamcha, Krilin

As a conclusion I will say that these minifigures are perfect (or almost perfect if you are demanding). I really hope Decool will create other sets. I would like to have enemies (the big ones : Freeza, Cell and Buu), Son Gokū with black hair, Super Saiyan Vegeta and Gohan, Gotenks, mirai Trunks, Piccolo and Tenshinhan. And for fun I would love to have rare characters like Chaozu, east Kaio Shin, Raditz, Great Saiyaman etc.

Rendezvous in the next article for the review of the Dragon Ball Z minifigures by JLB !



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