Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Space series Star exploring vehicle by Enlighten (set 508)

Front of the box

So here comes a set I really wanted to review. I bought this box in Seoul too and I didn't open the pieces bags until now. What I can tell you is that I'm not disappointed at all !

The rear of the box with alternative buildings

The first thing I told myself when I opened the bags containing the pieces was "wooo it's almost official Lego quality !". I can claim that the quality is very high !

All the pieces look like real Lego bricks (except the Lego tag). The first thing you notice when you look at the illustrations on the box is that it really looks like Lego Space sets from the 1990's. It's a real inspiration with proofs : the logo on the Star exploring vehicle is the Lego Exploriens logo (1996~1997), the astronaut torso is the same that Exploriens minifigures, the helmet visor is the same that Lego Space port astronauts (1999) and the minifigure's head is the same that Exploriens and Space port astronauts. The 2x2 tile with changing illustration according to the light color comes from Exploriens too.

So this is a pure copy ? No ! First, this vehicle doesn't exist in genuine Lego. This is an Enlighten creation. What about Exploriens and Space port inspiration ? Well, as these subthemes are discontinued for at least 15 years. So Lego doesn't want to lose time in suing knockoff brands.

Inside the box

I was so excited when I saw these Enlighten boxes on a stand in the middle of a Seoul pedestrian street ! There were different themes, but the one that attracted me instantaneously was Space series. Because, you know, I love Lego 1990's Space sets, including Exploriens !

The built vehicle

This Star exploring vehicle reminds me of Lego 1990's Space vehicles. This is my first Enlighten set and I'm sure I will buy other ones. It's worth a shot !

As you can see, the minifigure on the bottom right corner wears a Space port astronaut suit, but inside the box, it's really an Exploriens torso ! As I noticed several times, it looks like illustrations on Enlighten boxes can sometimes not reflect the reality of the set inside. In other Elighten sets, some minifigures faces look bad, but as this set is terrific, I will try without a doubt !

The Exploriens/Space port astronaut

To conclude, this set is brilliant, Enlighten is brilliant, I love Lego bootleg and I love you all !

Exploriens logo on the vehicle's hood. Very identical to the genuine one !

Next time, I will review a bootleg minifigures set ! I know you love it, so that's what I'll do ! However, I didn't receive the sets I ordered yet, so maybe it will take a little time.


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