Friday, October 17, 2014

Ice Planet 2002 Ice Tunnelator by Lego (set 6814, 1993)

An Ice Planet astronaut with his Ice Tunnelator

Last time I was talking about one of my favorite Lego themes, Aquazone. If I had to choose only two themes, I would pick Aquazone and Ice Planet 2002. I think I love transparent neon reddish orange pieces LOL. If I had to choose one between these themes ? Well... It's a very difficult question you're asking me ! I would say... I don't know !! Aquazone is a more developed theme, with different factions in it. The good guys, the bad guys, the worse guys, the strange good guys and the even worse guys. Ice planet is a small Space subtheme, with only three kinds of minifigures. But they are related with other Space factions : their foes are Spyrius and Space Police II helped them to quiet to keep on their science research. So, my final answer ? I would say Ice Planet 2002. Because it was released sooner than Aquazone, so it's more fixed inside me. Even if I don't know which sets I had as a kid. I know I possessed the outstanding set Space Explorers, the best mix of minifigures ever in my opinion. I'm not sure I had another set with Ice Planet astronauts in it. But back in september 2012, when I came back to Legoness, the first two sets I bought were Ice Planet 2002.

The astronaut is on board !

So, what about this set ? It's the second smallest set from this theme. It features a small vehicle with the typical Ice Planet 2002 white wheels. We have a complete figure with skis and an ice chainsaw. The color scheme of the subtheme is present : neon reddish orange, blue and white, with a trace of black. This set is the perfect one if you want to try Ice Planet 2002 with a cheap set. It has all the basis for understanding the essence of the subtheme. And you can play with the Tunnelator, it rolls ! So now, if you get stuck in ice, you know who to call ! The Ice Planet 2002 astronaut will be happy to help you !

Handsome, isn't he ?

In the next article, maybe I will get back to knockoff... Isn't it what you want ? :-P

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