October 2014

Hi !

As there is no release catalog for bootleg Lego brick sets, I decided to create a new kind of articles presenting the new sets I find on AliExpress (but I think I will miss new Super Heroes and Star Wars sets because they all are the same for me).

If you see new sets I didn't notice, don't hesitate to share ;-)

I will show you pictures I took from online sellers because I don't have any other pictures !


Parkour Everyday

Parkour Everyday is a smartphone video game very famous in China. These minifigures are nice and colorful.


Super Heroes

A new brand or another name for an existing knockoff minifigures set ? I don't know, and I don't know anything about Marvel too so I won't be able to tell you if the characters are well done and well chosen, but the minifigures on the picture look good.

Unknown brand

Happy Heroes

Happy Heroes is a chinese animation movie released in 2013 with a sequel released in 2014. I didn't find a picture of the boxes, do I don't know the brand. The minfigures look very nice, I like them.


The Smurfs

Very hard to find on AliExpress, maybe because "Smurfs" keyword must be a forbidden keyword for knockoff. Well. The minifigures don't look good, and it's JLB, so I think you'd better avoid it.

Hello Kitty

JLB made Hello Kitty too. Could be interesting for little girls. But not for me. Too much pink, and JLB !

Journey to the West

JLB released a Journey to the West minifigures set. The origins of Dragon Ball. I could be interested. But still JLB !


Dragon Ball

A third Dragon Ball Z minifigures set. It's not Decool or Sheng Yuan quality, but not bad. New characters (Tenshinhan and Piccolo), don't hesitate if you're a fan of Dragon Ball. You can read my review here.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is an online and smartphone video game. The minifigures on the pictures don't look interesting. It's like you buy eight times the same character.

Sheng Yuan

Unknown theme (Explosion something)

I didn't manage to find the name of this theme. There are cool animals with cool colors. The bases are very nice, it makes me think of Super Mario Bros. It's Sheng Yuan, so good quality I guess.

The simpsons

Sheng Yuan finally released a Simpsons bootleg minifigures set ! I didn't want to buy the JLB one, but with Sheng Yuan quality, I think I will buy it. The choice of the characters is very good : with the 5 members of the Simpson family, there is the neighbor Ned Flanders and Bart Simpsons's friends Milhouse Van Hooten and Nelson Muntz. The accesories are very interesting, I want it !

I hope you liked this article, I you have any things to add, don't hesitate to tell me !

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