Monday, October 20, 2014

Super Heroes Iron Patriot by Decool (set 0110)

Korean box of Iron Man Mark 40

Wait... What ? The title of this article is "Iron Patriot", and I show a picture of the box of the "Iron Man Mark 40" by Decool ? What the... ? Let's observe the back of the box !

Back of the Korean box of Iron Man Mark 40

Well... Still Iron Man Mark 40 ! There's a problem somewhere, ain't it ? So, open the box !

Iron Man Mark 40 box with Iron Patriot in it

OK OK, I see ! There's a mistake, the Iron Patriot minifigure is inside the Mark 40 box. So, what about this error ? As you can see, it's written in korean on the box. I bought this box when I was in Seoul in early May. It costed KRW 3,000 (about USD 3). What a surprise when, back in Paris, I opened it and noticed that the minifigure wasn't the good one ! But I don't care, I don't know anything about Iron Man, it was just to buy something. And actually, it was my first encounter with bootleg Lego. It drove me crazy when I saw all those Decool, Lele, Enlighten and Oxford boxes. The first three were cheap, but Oxford is very expensive ! And the sets are so interesting. But sadly I couldn't take one with me.

What about the minifigure ? It's Decool quality, so very good quality. The legs use the Decool technology to assemble it with the torso. As I hadn't the box that fits to the figure, I didn't know how to build the base. So I looked for it on the Internet. There's just a small issue with the figure : there's a scratch on the back. A factory defect !

Some pictures of the Decool Iron Patriot minifigure

Next time it will be a knockoff review again of a set that comes from Seoul too !


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  1. I live in Brazil and would like to buy Decool and Sheng Yuan. But here is hard to find. I would like you to help me, how to find? Who would indicate a site or could inform which has greater product flow, where I could buy some entire collections. What country, state and the average price. Thank you.