Monday, October 27, 2014

Dragon Ball Z minifigures by Lele (set 78045)

Our eight heroes : Yamcha, Vegeta, Son Gokū, Son Gohan, Kame Sennin, Piccolo, Krilin, Tenshinhan

I finally get it ! It took 22 days to come home, but now it's in my display case. So, what's up with this third Lego bootleg Dragon Ball set ? First, new characters : Tenshinhan, Piccolo and adult Son Gohan. Secondly, new clothes : Vegeta dropped his armor and Yamcha wears the suit he had the first time Son Gokū met him. Finally : here come the Dragon Balls ! Oh yes ! The exact center of the manga, the things that made the whole story begin finally come to bricks : the seven balls. Yes, there are eight of it here, but there are eight minifigures. One couldn't have no ball. Maybe Lele could have chosen another accessory, like a small Saiyajin spaceship for Vegeta. Anyway, the most important thing is that we have the seven Dragon Balls, and this set has a very good quality !

A better view of the Dragon Balls

The first thing we notice is the Dragon Balls, with their strange machines. It's a funny way to hold them. There are four different machines. Then, the minifigures bases. I don't like it, I prefer the simple Decool ones that copy the original Lego Minifigures bases.

As always, we have three classic characters : Vegeta, Super Saiyajin Son Gokū and Kame Sennin. Why Kame Sennin/Muten Roshi ? Just, why ? He comes in every set but he's not a major character in the series. I don't know why chinese knockoff brands love him that much. It's not a criticism, I like him and it doesn't disturb me, but I don't understand.

Yamcha, Kame Sennin, Krilin, Tenshinhan

It's made of good quality plastic. The pieces interlock well. The printing is good. Sometimes, the skin color on the torsos is different from the head color, but I know it's difficult to get the same color. The hair are about the same as in the Decool set, but with less details. I think Lele took a mold of Decool hair pieces to create their own hair pieces, that can explain the difference in details. Something can be shocking : Piccolo's arms are beige. But look at a drawing of this character : there are a lot of pink things. So Lele chose to take this color for his arms. Not a bad choice.

The backs are not printed : no details on torsos backs and no alternative face expression. Still not an issue for me. Maybe some minifigures collecters will be disappointed, I'm not. They're cool as they are, it's enough for me.

Vegeta, Son Gokū, Son Gohan, Piccolo

What about the accessories ? It's about the same as in the two other sets. Son Gokū has his Nyoi Bo on his back. It's a Gokū accessory, but he doesn't need it anymore since he knows how to become a Super Saiyajin. Kame Sennin has is typical stick. This time, his stick is better done than in the other sets. There is a special piece at the end of it to make it really look like the stick he holds in the manga. He wears a turtle shell too. Yamcha has in his hand the swork he uses in the beginning of the manga, when he was clothed this way.

Well, now, the bad accessories. Krilin has two knives. Like in the Decool set. But why ? I never saw him holding knives ! Tenshinhan has a transparent neon light green stick. Maybe to symbolize his energy wave, but I think there are better ways to symbolize this. Next, Vegeta. He holds a Star Wars Lightsaber. I just don't want to try to find why he has this accessory. Son Gohan has a gold chainsaw. I'm laughin' IRL, next ! Piccolo has small transparent dark green things in his hands. To symbolize his energy waves. OK it's over this time for accessories or I will get nervous.

The worst-made faces in the set

It's really a cool set, but there are still some issues. First, I was shocked when I opened my bags with the minifigures in it and notices that Kame Sennin's legs were orange, whereas in all the pictures of this set I saw, he has purple legs ! Well, maybe an error when they put the pieces in the bag.

All hair pieces are good except one. Actually, Yamcha wears the suit he had at the beginning of Dragon Ball. But he doesn't have the long hair he had at this time. He has the hair he had during the Androids and Cell saga. It's good to choose rare clothes, but it would be better if Lele were consistent and gave him the right hair.

Then, four minifigures have a strange face printing : Vegeta, Son Gohan, Piccolo and Yamcha. Not really ugly, or bad, or not unsimilar to their real faces. But it's not a big issue. Just a little disturbing, especially for Piccolo.

The last issue is about Gohan's and Tenshinhan's torsos. Lele invented new muscles ! Sooooo disturbing ! They never saw a human being body or what ?

Were there muscles sales in Lele's office ?

OK, so to conclude, I will say that it's a good set. Maybe less oddball than JLB set, but there are new characters and new clothings. So now, with the three Dragon Ball sets, I have 15 different characters : Super Saiyajin Son Gokū, Super Saiyajin Son Gokū with ripped clothes, Super Saiyajin 3 Son Gokū, Super Saiyajin 4 Son Gokū, young Son Gohan, adult Son Gohan, Vegeta with armor, Vegeta without armor, Yamcha with his debut clothes, Yamcha wearing the Kame suit, Kame Sennin, Krilin, Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Majin Buu. Not bad, isn't it ? 15 different characters on 20 minifigures in total. I begin to have a pretty good Dragon Ball minifigures collection !

I admit that I was not confident when I ordered this set, because I read articles in blogs telling that Lele quality was not good. I can tell I'm surprised by the quality of this set. It's not as good as Decool, sure, but not bad. Much better than JLB ! I will buy other sets by Lele.

Next time, I will write about... Actually I don't know. If I get my other bootleg minifigures sets soon, it will be a knockoff article. If I don't, it will be an article about genuine Lego sets. See you next time, bros !



  1. hi buddy.. any update on new lego set? =)

    1. Hi bro ! I have work to do, I will blog next week !

    2. There is a lego set dat I saw intrigued me. Its ahello kitty set I mean bruh and a lego adaptation of the tmnt movie. So dats all😄