Enlighten Pigboat series

Here are all the Enlighten sets inspired by Lego's Aquazone. There's a space between the sets 1211 and 1213 because Enlighten released a Girls series set numbered 1212.

I put the Combat Zone series set 816 in this list because it's a lot inspired by Aquazone and the diver's torso is an Aquanaut torso.

Combat Zone series
816 Submarine 382 pcs

Pigboat series
1209 Motorboat 19 pcs
1210 Seabed prospector 25 pcs
1211 Seabed searcher 29 pcs
1213 Treasure hunt submarine 122 pcs
1214 Treasure digging submarine 128 pcs
1215 Dolphin observation submarine 100 pcs

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